Adam’s Garments on Noah’s Ark

16 May

Temples of the Ancient World: Ritual and Symbolism, p. 711; “The garment given by God to Adam represents not merely protection and repentance, but authority as well. Of extraordinary brilliance and splendor and possessed of supernatural qualities, Adam’s garment was passed down from Adam to his descendants, who wore it as priestly robes. … It was this garment, passed through the generations from Seth to Noah, that was worn by Noah when he sacrificed on an altar. It was one of the items that Noah saved and carried with him in the ark.” – John A. Tvedtnes, Donald W. Parry, ed.

Genesis 3:21; “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”

The Bible says nothing about Adam passing his garments on  down to the next generation. In fact, it tells us a garment was given to them to cover their shame. Here’s what Matthew Henry said about them, and you’ll notice how vastly different the insights are.

“Their clothes were made, not of silk and satin, but plain skins; not trimmed, nor embroidered, none of the ornaments which the daughters of Sion afterwards invented, and prided themselves in.”

Sadly, Mormonism teaches that Eve thanked God for their sin (Moses 5:11), and leaves out the most important message.

The slain animal was a precursor of Jesus being slain for our sin, and the salvation we have in Him who hides our shame.

This book is full of fluffy explanations and confusing innuendos that leads to everywhere but the cross.

You can read Temples of the Ancient World: Ritual and Symbolism online, courtesy of the BYU Maxwell Institute.

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1 Cor. 1:18

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